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6% volume rise in gas trading earning for Trafigura’s full-year oil

Considering the trading market to be favorable, Trafigura’s experienced earning rise. Trafigura, 2nd largest among the world’s oil trader declared the 6% volume rise in gas trading earning. As per reports, the traded oil volume rise amounted to 292 million mt in FY2018-19. As compared to FY2017-18 it was a better uprise which gave a 64% jump. This jump in oil and gas divisional gross profit was around $1.68 billion.

Considering the favourableness of the situation, there were extensions planned by Trafigura. Extensions by the lead as the largest exporter of US crude got considered after August flows. It was from pipeline linking of Plains AII America Cactus II to the shale fields of the Permian Basin. The extension was till the US Gulf Coast.

Getting a hand over the European and Asian markets, the extensions will help. It will build a better client relationship considering the Asian refineries.

There was a 27% (12.6 Million mt) volume growth in an LNG spot trade. This followed the shipment start over an offtake of a 15-year agreement. This agreement connected US’s Cheniere and other midterm contracts made during the year.

There was also a jump of 147% (17.1 Million mt) in Traded gas volume. This was due to expansion in the UK, Spain and Italy.

The giant gas trader reports benefits because of trade conflicts, geographical tension, etc.

For the business, the price and flow volatility supported the business. As per the company, these trends of favourableness will continue in 2020 performance. There will be a rise in US volume. The place will also see increased demand for US light sweet crude in the upcoming year. All this together will increase the margins and profit. High earnings also resulted. This was from mergers made with its bunker trade, gas oil and fuel oil business. This change, made during IMO 2020 marine fuel sulfur change. with this, the company on the bunker fuel market plans to focus.

Considering LNG, the production will grow and so will demand. There will be high market liquidity with better transparency. It will build opportunities for integrated operations of LNG and Natural gas. US, Europe, Latin America, Asia will be a part of it.


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