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American Airlines requesting for ban

David Seymour, the Senior VP of Integrated operations says that almost 125000 customers have to face discomfort and almost 650 flight cancellations.

The joint association of two unions is representing the 15,000 mechanics working in American. These are the International Association of Machinists and the Transport Workers Union. Both of these groups are working under separate and unique contracts. The request is being filed in U.S. District Court in Texas.

Seymour further mentions that it is unfortunate that illegal gain in contract negotiations is being used. And also there is a proposal to contract that is likely to be absolute best across the industry. The signing of the alternative contract will be proof.

American and US Airways merged together in 2013. At the instance, the IAM signified US Airways mechanics and also the fleet of service workers. While TWU represents the same group at American. By forming a join association further negotiation of contracts for 31,000 workers is in process. Covering these workers by various contracts.

What the experts say

John Samuelsen the President of TWU, denied news of slowdown. He also mentioned that the main issue in the contract explains about the various efforts for offshore maintenance jobs. It is about the creation of blue-collar jobs. The protection and safety of U.S. air travelers is their responsibility and there are efforts to bully mechanics that permit harmful planes to fly.

Josh Freed mentions that maintenance work is in-house and done by other separate U.S. airlines. He also said the proposal will be having a various table that ensures, more maintenance and fleet service work by the American airlines. The proposal has no mention of outsourcing inspections or maintenance by the third party.

Through the letter, Seymour says that owing to the current contracts that have varied rates need for parity plans to resolve the differences. This would include 2.5x the hourly rate for workers, working on the holiday of Memorial Day weekend.


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