Susan Wilson: Aerospace & Defense Industry

Committed to explore the nitty gritty of the aerospace industry, Susan Wilson is one rare combination of tech savvy nerd and an ardent lover of words who vouches for writing as the best mode of self-expression. After a brief encounter and some hands on experience in commercial aviation, Susan is poised to carve a niche in writing. Her intense affinity to words makes her an ardent communicator which reflects in her well researched writing approach.

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Sarah Clark: Automotive

Sarah Clark, a young and dynamic enthusiast of next generation retail landscape is one of the most priced writers our team. Hailing from a business administration background with of changing market dynamics, Sarah illustrates deep market analysis in a rather candid approach. Her choice of words is impeccable and demonstrates ongoing trends that entice our valued readers. Automotive has always remained her forte and she invariably banks upon her brief yet valuable experience in one of the leading automotive retail outlets that has honed her understanding of the automotive gamut at large.

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Thomas Williams: Manufacturing

Having completed a master’s degree in commerce followed by a course in technical writing, Thomas Williams takes a close dig into transformative alterations and the wide plethora of countless technological developments in the manufacturing industry that directly influence global economic growth. She possesses acute dexterity in simplifying complex market numbers besides having an unparalled interests in following recent trends such as industrial automation and advances in robotics that are likely to transform manufacturing industry.

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Nancy Brown: Oil and Gas

Amongst one of the most senior most writers in our ever-growing and versatile team, Nancy Brown trails a rather exuberant grip in decoding novel trends and new industry parameters in the ambit of a fast growing sector such as energy. Some of her favorites in the category include oil and gas, petroleum, nuclear energy, and liquid energy besides a host of other similar domains.

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Henry Clark: Industrial

With an ever enthusiastic demeanor and an inquisitive mind, Henry Clark closely follows the industrial sector. The sector currently is undergoing sea-changes and is estimated to effectively influence both functional scope as well as global economic growth trend. Henry closely follows every detailed aspect of a steadily growing industrial sector, allowing readers to draw crucial understanding for better competitive advantage.

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