Automobile Wheel and Rim Trends in 2019

Last year saw electric cars becoming commercial and entering into the mainstream. 2019 is also going to be on the same stream. With ever-changing consumer demand, the production of new cars is also changing. Presenting some trends for wheels and rims that are going to rule the market in 2019

Multi-Spoke Designs

Variation in the number of spoke i.e. 5-6 designs is the rule as of now. However, several concepts of cars having multi rim designs are being launched. The new Q4 and Viano by Mercedes are some examples of the same. This comes at a cost-effective amount for consumers.

Blackout Rims

Various bright color rims are going away and being replaced with the monochrome color. Presently, the blackout look is what is working. Silver is the norm for various luxury cars. However, cars like the BMW 3 series will have black alloy rims. These are popular in a sports car and other SUVs.

Spoke with Bold Designs

The designs are getting bolder this year. UX of Lexus is armored and has a thick 5 spoke wheel design. This works excellently with blackout rims and has the popularity of four spoke black rims. Rims with floral tones are growing in popularity. Have a look at the new continental GT which comes with dome-like spokes that come from the middle and form the petal-like shape.

Closed Rims

There is a rise in closed rims that will effectively hide the spokes together. These car models are sporty in terms of design and have an overall performance effect. This is due to the fact that air resistance is reduced when rims are hidden. The closed rims reduce the friction and hence is also ideal for electric cars. This is an added bonus to the car’s growing popularity.

These are some of the trends that we will be seeing in the upcoming year. The aesthetic aspects of automobiles for basic to luxury cars are going to change in the year.


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