Automotive suppliers on the verge of witnessing disruption despite of slow sales

The global automotive market has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few decades. But looping onto the current market scenario, the sector is about to change and come up with impressive advancements. Newly launched vehicle sales are decreasing across the globe. The U.S. is also anticipated to witness a sale below 17 million this year. The global auto market has opened a wide segment as it increases the key players to pour in the presence across the globe.

The statement concludes that the trade war taking place between China and the U.S will result in an increase in the businesses. It is noted that it will benefit other global markets like India. But unfortunately, it is yet to come in action at the moment.

The robust gross domestic product growth is the major indication of economic success in the global market. It automatically finds the uncertainty with sustained tariffs and trade wars.

The arena cut nearly 22,000 jobs within the U.S. through could, or 211 % quite identical 5 months last year, in keeping with information by a competitor, grey and yuletide Iraqi National Congress. “If you’re in a commoditized sector, you’re asking how you consolidate,” said Ganguli who heads the Automotive Business Model Transformation group in Deloitte. “How are you going to be the last one, two or three companies standing? Someone has to make axles, for example. Will it be you? The solution is to build scale, consolidate and be the cost leader or be ready to be consolidated.”

Pain is no doubt on the horizon for automotive suppliers and staff. Who suffers can possibly be the results of a business strategy.



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