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British Airway’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed in Islamabad

Pakistan welcomes the very first flight of BA (British Airways) on Monday. Almost, after a decades-long nonappearance because of the security fears. Ministers state that this will boost the business, tourism and trade relations among South Asian countries as well as Britain.

BA’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrived in Islamabad from the Heathrow airport. In order to start 3 flights/week service, as per Pakistan’s Civil Aviation spokesperson. Highly-prominent Pakistani as well as officials of the British embassy taken in the flight. Also, that has returned back to Britain that same day.

“With this type of connectivity that we now pursue, British investors might find it very easy. Pakistani diaspora would find it really easy, our individual exporters, our individual business people would now have excessive connectivity of reaching from Pakistan to London.” As per Pakistan’s trade & Abdul Razzaq Dawood, and industry minister 

“With London, the entire world is now open for us.”

British High Commissioner Thomas Drew as well as BA’s CEO Andrew Brem names over Prime Minister Imran Khan. He states that the recommencement of British Airways flights towards Pakistan would boost tourism in the country. Encouraging the augmented trade as well as investment.

“The associations amongst Britain & Pakistan have already been extraordinary. That too right from cricket, commerce, and culture of the people, politics as well as education,” Drew adds.

“This introduction is a ballot of confidence in the future of those associates.”

British Airways halts services towards Pakistan subsequent the bombing of 2008 in the Marriott Hotel. That was in the capital Islamabad that had taken place over a period of overwhelming Islamist militant fierceness in Pakistan.

Security has enhanced ever since, with the militant attacks severely down in the essentially Muslim country of almost 208 million folks. Stimulating Pakistan as a center for tourists as well as investors.


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