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Changing aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry

World of energy is changing and transformation is occurring at an increasing rate. However, encouraging the public concern of environmental issues, demonstrating by climate-protecting Extinction Rebellion paralyzing ample of Central London. Where the achievement of Green parties in European Parliament elections.

Opposite to fossil fuel tight spot

Though, the continual and increasing use of fossil fuel is not the area of anxiety, at the heart of protests. It’s more important to look at huge corporations fueling the consideration of oil & gas to observe the recognition of the energy landscape. Due to the general consensus that is an apocalyptic change in a way where fossil fuels are necessary. However, it is planning for the ultimate expiration taking center stage.

However, when it comes to profits, experiencing the rebranding of Statoil as Equinox, Norwegian oil major. Hence, the move highlighting the transition to clean energy company, where albeit driven by oil & gas revenue. Danish Oil and Natural Gas (DONG) Danish Energy Company is moving a step ahead by depriving its oil & gas assets. Hence, it is rebranding Orsted.

Chairman of the board of directors, Thomas Thune Andersen, mentions that vision is the world running completely on green energy. As climate change is the severe challenges and avoids the causing of serious harm to universal ecosystems. Hence, it needs to basically the way for powering the world by swapping from black to green energy.

For not canceling the oil & gas heritage where energy cluster is built recognizing the need to assist member companies. However, it is changing the aspiration.

SSV (Subsea Valley) is supporting the hard work of technology companies helping the sector of oil & gas. Conventionally, valley comprises Sandvika, Fornebu, Tranby, Asker, Hokksund, Kongsberg and Drammen almost 80 km in length. Hence, SSV contains almost 185 firms and three incorporates of 5 major subsea engineering companies competing in the industry.

Fueling superiority in energy

Managing Director of Energy Valley, Preben Strom mentions that Energy Valley is the technology cluster. Whereas NCE (Norwegian Centre of Expertise) in energy technology with the center of gravity in the capital region of Norway. Hence, by providing the infrastructure for knowledge transfer, collaboration helping members accept to, advantage from and participate in the energy industry. 


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