Electric cars to save money in car insurance

Across Britain, electric cars are growing in terms of popularity because of its various benefits. The maintenance cost is low and lesser fuel costs when in comparison to petrol vehicles. Also, electric vehicles are environment-friendly and don’t pollute the air. However, there is one debate that is still ongoing. The debate is on if the advantages are also in terms of car insurance.

Electric Vehicle Insurance

The electric vehicles have negligible maintenance costs among all types of car-like petrol, diesel, hybrids and so on.

Electric vehicles have the least running cost among all other categories of cars, diesel, hybrids, petrol, and plug-in hybrids. The most important feature of the engine is its simplicity that allows braking without the need for brake pads. The vehicles are high in cost however the low fuel cost balances the same. Electricity is lesser in amount than petrol or diesel.

The challenge in terms of insurance is the rare availability of replacement parts. Also, it is not necessary that all garages have the necessary repair tools and parts. Studies indicate the average cost of 1854 pounds for an electric car. Wherein the cost of a petrol car is 1484 pounds. This will be a challenge for people of the age under 25 because the amount is on the higher side.

The difference in insurance prices indicates it is difficult to find a better deal across electric vehicles. It is slightly better for drivers above the age of 25 years. For other professionals the gap is less, as they will wait till technology is cheaper and larger, saving money on car insurance. However, a cheaper deal is possible with the help of a trusted insurance broker.

Presently there are many different insurance providers working across the industries. Ideally, the insurance brokers explain various specifications and requirements to help buyers compare and select. The aim is to get the best-fit work to identify average saving for your car insurance when selecting the electric car.


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