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Fully-electric commercial flight, finally on the go

“World first” is the term used for the fully-electric commercial flight. This flight has finally said to complete its first test. As per Vancouver, British Columbia this test got completed in Canada.

This flight is a six-seater plane. It was one among 62-year-old re-fitted seaplane. It had a full electric 750 HP motor. It remained airborne for around less than 15 minutes in the air. The inaugural flight, piloted by the CEO and founder of the Harbour Air, Greg McDougall. He was there on one of the company’s aircraft, enjoying the experience of making history.

Greg McDougall praised the company’s ideas. He talked about, innovation for this milestone called “World first”. This flight is nothing better to consider as a 3rd aviation age start. As per Harbour Air, this is an electric age.

There were comments received by Roei Ganzarski the CEO of magniX. magniX is an Australian electric motor manufacturer. They partnered with Harbour Air on the project. As per the aviation industry and the transport system is on the line of disruption. The start of the 3rd aviation age will improve things. It can also provide low-cost air travel on commercial electric.

With the power of lithium battery used in a test flight, it can cover 100 miles. This 160 km can be undertaken by any plane of the same size.

Harbour Air, founded in 1982. It runs 300 daily flights. The flights provide links for transport along British Columbia Coast. Harbour Air fleet might soon get completely electric powered. This is possible with the start of the certification process of Harbour Air and magniX.

There are also other places around the world developing Full-electric flights. It includes the UK too. Announcements made by CAeS, the Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, talked well. They said they are working upon such electric-powered planes too. As per combined efforts around, electric-powered commercial flights will start. We can experience such by the start of 2023.


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