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Gulfstream G650 jets- Condition’s Unsafe

The Gulfstream G65o Jets needs to get addressed. News published as per the FAA issued directives concerned with the jet’s airworthiness. The same got issued for the top-selling G650 business jets by Gulfstream Aerospace. Federal Aviation Administration forced landing of one such jet in October.

There has been a recent delivery of 400th G650 Jet, known as GVI by Savannah. It is a subsidiary of Defence giant General Dynamics Corp. The jets cost around $65 million.

There was a shutdown of an inflight rudder surface, as on 1st October 2019. The same resulted in GVI airplane lateral-directional oscillations.

As per FAA, the crew experienced Rudder fail. It alerted through the alerting system message of the crew. There was no movement of the rudder. Flight control reset was being attempted but there was no change in the situation. Concerned with it, including the rudder shutdown, there was an emergency landing.

As per the FAA, “Investigation reveals the unstable rudder to be the root cause of such slip. The problem is being said to be inherent in the GVI design of the aircraft.”

This condition is one to receive addressal. It might result in a catastrophic structural or loss of control damage to aircraft.

Revision is being ordered for all the G650 jets. It is effective from 30th December. Corrective actions will be soon taken within 15 days. This event might have reoccurred and might have caused a loss of control. But now, modifications and corrections will save it all, as per FAA.

For Gulfstream safety is first. The aircraft’s flight has got restricted to reduce risk concerned. Departments got contacted. It was to ensure and to take care of the situation understanding it. Flights are being tested to see and to remove such issues.

For a flight like G650 which flies 7000 nm, such mistakes can never get afforded. Gulfstream tries its best to assure safety and they are trying now too. For what it is worth, life is first.


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