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How Modern Age Chemicals support Energy Savings

The chemical industry is playing a huge role in promoting sustainability. Numbers of new-age chemical solutions are already supporting businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

The chemical industry is helping organizations to take an easy switch towards adopting energy-efficient alternatives that make their business models more sustainable. 

Why switch to energy-efficient alternatives?

The demand for energy is rising steadily and shows no signs of dropping down. As per ExxonMobil’s 2019 report Outlook for Energy:
A View to 2040, the global energy demand will continue to upsurge steadily in the next decades. Industries that have 50 percent of global energy consumption are resorting to alternative sustainable sources of energy.

Moreover, to reduce environmental impacts and enforce energy efficiency they are keeping a watch on their total emissions. 

To support the cause ExxonMobil is developing sustainable chemical products for ensuring safe manufacturing and distribution of commonly used household products. The nex-gen chemical solutions of the company are widely being used across industries. While the automotive segment being its major consumer.

 Better fuel economy with lighter vehicles

ExxonMobil’s innovative nex-gen innovative chemical solutions are helping automobile industries in manufacturing lighter auto parts. Also, its new age chemicals are enhancing the recyclability of automotive parts on the completion of their life span. A 10 percent decrease in the weight of the vehicles will bring about a 6-8 percent enhancement in fuel efficiency. 

Turning plastics into recyclable and safe materials

 Another notable area where the chemical industry is delivering its exemplary contributions is plastic recycling. This has been a major issue with traditional laminated structures. But with ExxonMobil’s full PE laminated packaging solutions the issue has been reduced to a greater extent. While providing high-quality packaging, these plastics also facilitate easy recycling.

 Thus, chemical solutions are providing remarkable contributions in making business processes sustainable. From ensuring energy saving to reducing overall emissions these advancements in the modern age chemicals are providing industries safe and reliable methods foster a sustainable environment. 




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