IBM to focus on Automotive Data Monetization


IBM is guiding the company enormously in the business of the cloud. So the market of cloud computing is increasing revenue thrice for constant and hard growth.

Different applications of field are very limitless. Hence, automotive is the main component of the market. Considering the different investors, states of EU member is closing the various standards of Wi-Fi for the autonomous driving in the member of the EU. The planning of different standards of Wi-Fi is not accepted by around 22 states. Thus, it is setting the different course of 5G standard in Europe and is showing the time of the talk. Therefore, the completion of the primary applications of 5G is about to start. IBM needs to be more concrete with the different offerings and the services of cloud are very relating.

Evaluation of market-value

Automotive future is mostly determining by artificial intelligence and robotics. It is also determining by different connecting cars with the surroundings. Communication within vehicles or V2X is the different form of technology allowing vehicles on communicating with different parts of the transport system. Till the year 2020, the main application of the car will be the connected car. V2X comprises of different components such as V2R (vehicle to the road), V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and V2N (vehicle to a network).  It is also consisting of V2P (vehicle to person) and V2N (vehicle to the network). The different connections are generating a large amount of data.

On considering the approach of “use case” and is becoming clear about the areas of different applications for creating and using the data in the industry of automotive. The data is helpful in distribution, calculation, and management. In different key technologies, there are three aspects which are very significant in the area:

Big data analytics: Processing a large amount of data which is generated with the help of connected cars on the road. It is requiring real-time big data analytics.

A platform of software: Platform is supporting the app store, operating systems and system of payment in the infrastructure of car.

Cloud data: There is the generation of a large amount of data with the help of connected cars. For accessing the data, cloud data is acting as the repository.

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