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Iran utilizing all resources to sell oil in ‘grey market’

Iran has organized all its resources to selling oil in a ‘Grey Market”, the official said. This is due to the US told consumers of Iranian oil including China, Turkey, and India to stop purchases.

Amir Hossein Zamaninia, Deputy Oil Minister, Iran, told the media on Sunday that Iran will endure exporting oil.

The United States moves, declared in April, are part of a “Maximum Pressure Campaign”. It is due to halting Iran’s missile program and reducing its regional power. It includes their support for conflicts in Yemen and Syria.

They come after Washington drew the previous year from landmark nuclear pact. In which, Tehran approved to restrain its nuclear program. Also, reimposed sanctions on Iranian oil exports in November.

While 8 of Iran’s leading oil importers already have settle waivers from US agreements to let them time for alternative supplies.

Various nations predict those exceptions to improve, but the White House in a surprise move obviously not to do so.

This decision is mainly made at reducing Iran’s oil exports to zero. And complaining the government of its support of US$ 50 billion oil revenues annually.

‘Serious Decisions’

Tehran, though, remained defiant.

State news agency quoted Zamaninia that, “we have mobilized country’s overall resources and are retailing oil in the ‘Grey Market’.”

He also said, “We surely won’t sell around 2.5 million barrels per day with the nuclear deal”. We will make decisions about economic and financial management.

He did not give any details about the ‘Grey Market’, but Iran is broadly stated to have retailing oil at steep discounts.

Zamaninia said, “This is contradicting approvals which we don’t see as just for authenticate.

Manouchehr Takin, a UK-based oil & energy consultant, said tankers


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