Japanese firm might work towards the expansion of TASL’s business and operate within Indian markets

The agreement is depending on authorization by CCI (Competition Commission of India). As well as other major authorities, says R Dinesh, director at TVS Automobile Solutions.

MC may perhaps increase its shares from 3% to 25 % in TASL via combining principal investment along with the secondary purchases. The overall investment would amount to almost Rs 250 crore. Additionally, it had spent the primary 3 % in TASL the previous year.

Japan Headquartered-Mitsubishi Corporation, ever since 1950, has been manufacturing automotive. Along with the financing and distribution of it’s automotive in Japan as well as other foreign markets.

MC will make every effort for expanding its TASL’s business plus participating in the mounting market of India. Through the launch of Japanese automotive portions providers, & augmentation of price inexpensive portions line-ups for TASL. Furthermore, as an association synergy among the MC as well as TASL. Moreover, MC objects for the deployment of TASL’s fruitful business models in foreign markets. Also, contributing to the TASL’s constant business development.

Dinesh states that this tactical investment will move towards the success of TASL as an ascendable business model across the globe. Additionally, TASL has developed cost-effectively by crossing almost Rs 1300 crore in terms of revenue for the fiscal year 2018-19.

“In cooperation with Mitsubishi, we may certainly be discovering the foreign opportunities within Africa & outside.”


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