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Key business projects, 2020-Ghana, Nigeria tops the market list

Considering the facts over increased infrastructure capacity importance, a report’s prepared. African Energy Chamber gives brief highlights in report for African Energy Outlook 2020. It shows how increased infrastructure capacity can benefit long-term industrial development. Such projects concern an area like Ghana and Nigeria.

Such projects will act like revamping the sector and will create opportunities. All the private sector investors will get benefitted. The refinery in Nigeria’s and Ghana’s Tema LNG Terminal, $12 Billion Dangote Refinery was in the spotlight. The report called attention over the infrastructure in Nigeria. It showcased the effects of project contribution. It was all considering the Dangote Refinery. As per reports, this one contribution can triple the refining capacity by 2025 to around 1.5 Million BPD. It will also reduce fuel imports and the country’s reliance over the same.

The time is been considered best. Lower oil price gripping the revenues of the treasury is again an opportunity. Even the effects of private capital in developing the infrastructure of key oil and gas is huge. It’s said to impact the energy and landscape of power in the economy of Africa by the next decade.

The report adds up to show that the refinery tank farm will complete by Q4, 2019. Before the production of refinery starts, this will be a depot. It will provide fuel story capacity immediate increase.

To be the 1st importer of LNG in 2020, Ghana can get its determination to reality. It can become so for sub-Saharan Africa. 25% coverage of the total will be being provided to the generation of electricity in Ghana. Gas will become them an alternative for oil at a low cost. This, in turn, will be a huge boost for the economy of Ghana and Nigeria getting them to the top of the market list.

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