Malaysia Automotive to showcase a tremendous growth in Automotive Industry

Maybank IB Research reveals the information with a statement that the environment is anticipating to remain conducive due to its stronger volume half-on-half due to reasonability. According to the margins, the promotion expenses and advertisements in 2019 can result to stay down due to the recent strength in the ringgit.

Proton sighted the highest volume gain of 16,400 units every annual year. With the growing gain of 5.3 percent points whereas Honda registered the largest volume drops of 7,100 units.

On the basis of production, in June 2019, Honda has registered a downfall of the volume with 3,900 units accounting 54 percent monthly. This signals a contraction in sales in the upcoming months resulting to stabilize the competition from both Toyota and Proton.

Considering the positive results, it also confirms that there is stiff support for domestic automakers, with Proton standing out as the leading vendors in June this year.

Kenanga Investment Bank concurs with Affin Hwang. However, this would result to stay neutral due to pre-festive sales.

Automotive related counters MBM Resources and Pecca which has two fractional monetary units to RM 2.95 and RM 1.16. UMW is mostly for four fractional monetary units to RM 5.40 and including Tan Chong and Bermaz Machine registers flat RM 2.26 and RM 1.45.

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