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Myths and Reality- Oil and Gas, Digitalisation implications, 2019

As per the news, the report has been there and added to the ResearchAndMarketing.com. It considers the Digitisation and its increasing implication in the field of Oil and Gas.

It’s said, Russia has been recently touched by the Digitisation’s fashion at a speed. The government considers it a better economic idea. As per the news, Digitisation acts as a magic wand to ensure proper economic growth. It is good for technology and sector of Oil and Gas do not fall under the list of exception.

Digitisation has been a success talk for many companies. But when we look around the Russian economy, its effect is quite typical.

The government wants people and companies to grow digital and people around, nod. There is no understanding of this word. Neither in civilians nor the Government of Russia. For them, even purchasing of computer is Digitisation. Reports come around, but its no use, because none of the same determines the use of Digitisation.

In the research report published in 2019 about Digitisation implications, efforts got made. It has been better tried to explain to people the real use of the word. The contents of the word Digitalisation. They have even made an effort to show the companies of Oil and Gas to show what is Digitalisation meaning. A broad overview of programs initiating corporate digitization, shown with progress results. Everything’s tried to explain in a lame man language. All done so that differences can be better recognized.

Topics covered under this research are Regulation for Digital Energy. Corporate Digitisation programs, Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, etc are been shown too.

Smart Well and Field Technology Development with a Global Experience and Russia, covered. Smart wells and smart fields are being given an overview. Experience of Creating a Digital Field in Russia is been given a broad idea to look into. Not only that, but there’s been also indicated how the developments can be better made, etc.

So, this one report, it is a complete insight into what you might need.

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