National Seating & Mobility and BraunAbility Collaborates to initiate Automotive Mobility Education Program

One of the leading providers of mobility solutions, National Seating & Mobility (NSM) is collaborating with BraunAbility which is believed to be the world leader in wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). The motive behind this partnership is to provide the teaching to clients about the innovations taking place in the automotive space. They aim to drive independence for individuals with disabilities across the globe.

Bill Mixon, CEO of NSM believes that NSM looks forward to partnerships and innovations to enhance the lives of clients. He further adds that BraunAbility’s mission is similar to NSM.

Staci Kroon, CEO of BraunAbility asserts that NSM and BraunAbility both mission to empower the lives of people. The action towards this collaboration allows them to observe maximum individuals. The automotive mobility scope widens available the bars of independence.

About BraunAbility

The company was founded 50 years ago by Ralph Braun. To date, the company has registered big accomplishments in the mobility industry. Also, they have helped many individuals in providing independence across the globe.

An NSM funding specialist—a very important member of the NSM team—will gather and submit all necessary money dealer documents. As a result of these documents is come back from many sources. This method will take many weeks to finish. Whereas they typically receive approval every consecutive month. When they submit all necessary money dealer documentation, the funding supply can contact to request the authorization.

NSM tends to position to look more of sources for the precise elements required to create a chair that’s one-of-a-kind. This means NSM leaves no stone unturned. But what extremely sets NSM apart is the approach. So, NSM work from the center, conformity the journey of independence with economical, friendly attention that puts your interests first. This can be our life’s work—to facilitate others to move through life—and they take it sincerely.

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