“Nexlide-HD” to be developed by LG Innotek

LG Innotek is announcing of developing the “Nexlide-HD”, supple 3D lightning for cars. Thus, it is emitting uniform light and bright from different directions primarily in industry.

Automotive lighting is aiming to enable different variants of LED packages in a compact substrate.

Thus, the hexahedron is gently curving like rubber and is mounting the exterior lamps. Hence, it is consisting of taillights and DRLs (daytime running lights).

“Nexlide-HD”, first in industry is emitting uniform light from various directions apart from the substrate of the contact surface.

The company is looking forward to using LED packages. Thus this dispersing light at around 180 degrees. However, normal LED packages are emitting light only at 100 degrees

Thus, “Nexlide-HD” is allowing the manufacturing of exclusive lightings on the designs like curved lines, straight lines, 3D- figures and waves. Therefore, the new module is re-combining these blocks to get floral patterns. Hence, module flexibility is getting double on forming the different shapes on using the silicon. However, it is producing seamless, smooth light from different shapes and angles.

The product is applicable to different taillights and DRL in front of the vehicle. However, DRL needs the brightness of around 450 candelas which is been recognized in the daytime. Thus, LG Innotek is increasing the maximum brightness of the module applicable in the technology of stereoscopic lighting.

“Nexlide-HD” is useful in producing slim lighting and is reducing the automobile lamps thickness by around 75%. Therefore, it is most probable as there is no requirement for the extra components in a module like the inner lens making the light uniform. However, this player is holding over 30 local and international production rights if this product. Additionally, they are also retaining production and quality control

LG Innotek representative claims Nexlide-HD is the inventive product that is evolving the lights of the vehicle. He also mentions about continuing for showing the products improving the quality, stability, and design of vehicle lights.

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