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Norwegian Sea discovers oil and gas

Although, Equinox with partners Faroe Petroleum and Ineos E&P are making the discovery of oil & gas in the Norwegian Sea. Where there is the exploration of Black Vulture/ Snadd Outer Outer.

Thus, the Snadd Outer Outer is proving to be the first objective. Moreover on drilling to target, where Black Vulture is hitting oil. Hence, as per Equinox, the volume of around 2 to 50 Mn barrels of oil is equal in making delineation.

However, Transocean Spitsbergen rig is mostly drilling Black Vulture/ Snadd Outer Outer. Thus, well is now abandoning and plugging the partners of license for evaluating it in developing discovery.

Hence, Senior vice president of Equinox’s in UK and Norway, Nick Ashton, claims that on finding the results of targets. Thus it is hoping for and discover oil and gas.

However, Nick Ashton mentions that volume is generally estimating and preventing the side-tracking of operational challenges. Although, they are analyzing the place and time for delineation is giving us exact volume estimation.

Therefore, Osprey and Carmen are proving the resources in the series of around 11-40 Mn. Whereas Iris and Hades, Cape Vulture and Balderbra are combining for proving around 135 and 436 Mn. Thus, Jasper, Snadd Outer Outer, and Ragnfrid North are proving 101 and 12 Mn.

Hence, the Norwegian Sea in creating substantial value and several jobs where Norne is finding. However, Equinox is operating in almost 7,00,000 integrating in the Norway production of gas, condensate, and oil.

Ashton mentions increasing the activity of exploration in the Norwegian Sea. However, this is reflecting the licensing round in the Predefined Areas, licensing in the Norwegian Sea.

Thus, Equinox is announcing the ‘substantial’ discovery at the prospect of Blacktip in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico deepwater. However, the company at around 20% of finding the working interest. Hence, Equinox is revealing it and partners are making the discovery of oil from Visund.

Although, Equinox recognizing as Statoil is mentioning as a company of broad energy. Hence, business is employing around 25,000 people and is available in around 35 countries.


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