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Petrobras offshore oilfields- Potential bidders include British firms

Petrobras offshore oilfields- Potential bidders include British firms. As per the sources, the UK based Trident Energy and Premier Oil PLC, Perenco is a potential bidder. Seems like they are examining the cluster of Petrobras Offshore oilfields, purchased. These Brazil-based Petrobras Oilfields are also known as Polo Garoupa.

As per the news, none plan to buy Brazil’s offshore Campos Basin, mature fields. Such deliberations made are preliminary. The terms offered by Petrobras is not acceptable by the companies around.

It’s been now examined by Brazil’s Petro Rio SA that Garoupa is helping to look after the company’s strategy. They take care of the mature oilfields which are being sold down by Petrobras.

There’s been no comment by Perenco or any other firm. It’s said, there is a non-binding phase for the Garoupa sale. It is not like disinvestment made by Petrobras in previous oilfields.

There are NDA signed and internal discussions made over the assets. Discussions have been also made on consortia formation. Next, we can see binding offers being soon submitted.

100s of $ are being fetched by in Campos Basin by more mature assets. But now its said, Garoupa to be complex and price range not to be clear. December was the due month for binding offers. The same been now postponed to March, it’s said.

Oil of equal to around 19600 barrels produced by Polo Garoupa. This figure was similar as per day for the last 12 months through August. This was as per comments exclaimed by Petrobras. It is now considered to be the largest production asset in the portfolio of the firm’s divestment.

To reduce debt, Petrobras plans to divest $20 billion-$30 billion of the complete assets. Sales are been made for many legacy oilfields. Major production assets will join for, bid by 2020. The pace is being criticized but to decrease debt, it seems necessary.

For assets sold by Petrobras, Garoupa is now considered to be the most complex asset. There are transshipment made for the natural gas which is been sent offshore. This was now done as the same might complicate the operations. It will also increase penalties for the purchases if it gets stopped.

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