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Potential Defects and SpiceJet Grounds 3 Boeing 737 Freight Planes

As per the recent news received, 3 Boeing 737 Freight Planes got grounded by SpiceJet. Considering Potential defect in planes we had to, says Budget Carrier SpiceJet Ltd. This move received consideration, due to the regulatory filing from Israel Aerospace Industries. These planes got converted to freighters with the help of Israel Aerospace Industries.

They said, “A potential defect got discovered during an internal examination. It was being conducted for IAL’s manufacturing facilities. The 9G rigid barrier of aircraft, which got installed, had some defect manufacturing. Once the regulatory clearance gets obtained, the aircraft will return to operations.”

The process also had the involvement of the Senior officer. He was from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. These planes need to follow the airworthiness directives issued by the department. So, he stepped up. He ensured compliance with the directives of the Israeli Civil Aviation.

4 in total freight planes were run and operated by SpiceJet. It covered both the national, domestic and international routes. Among 4 the 3 were under the responsibility of IAI. 4th place with other entities lies still under operation.

One among the groups of IAI is still there designing and manufacturing. It takes care of Business jets, lading gears, actuator systems, etc.

They are one recognized global leader. Under their lead many aircrafts passenger-to-cargo conversions got built. Maintenance was also a part together with the other overhauling services. 118 planes are under the fleet of this budget carrier. This number included freighters too.


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