Privacy Policy

User Information

User information is the first set of information requested when a user visits a website. This information comprises of the user’s name, email address, contact details, system IP address and browser details. This information is mostly requested for analysis and date collection processes. User information is safe with us and cannot be used for any misleading activities


Use of Information

User information received is only subject to use in case if sending notifications and informing any changes taking place on the website. Notifications regarding changes is important so that users get all the important announcements that can save their work from getting delayed or destroyed.


Third part Sites

Many third party sites and links are available on a website. These brands from other blogs have different privacy policy terms and conditions to apply and fulfill.  Security of user information also varies for different brand. Once a user is off our server, the privacy policy applied will be that of the service provider.



We do not share any personal and technical information received or disclosed with anyone. We take necessary precautions that save us any kind of technological breaches and misconducts.