Raising design standards in a virtual world for Automotives

Virtual Reality (VR) technology’s promise of visualizing automobiles, industries, and constructions is finally coming true. Most of the designs begin with an idea, pen, and paper. However, the thought of making a 3D shape and sharing it in the form of life-like designs is exciting.

The overall task of designing a new product becomes faster, cheaper and more effective.

The coordinator for Audi, the German Car company, Jan Pflueger, says that VR is extremely powerful. It allows designers to work around the sketches and understand how the lines work in a 3D environment. This is the first time when technology, software, hardware, and connectivity are coming together.

Hurdles like not able to use headsets owing to their weight and the poor quality of images. The processing speed is improving along with the technology of optics, leading to VR meeting the expectations of the human eye.

An excellent example is Audi working with a start-up from Finland, Varjo. The company is selling a sophisticated headset boasting “human-eye resolution” using a technique called “foveated rendering”.

Is Virtual reality equal to the human eye?

Niko Eiden the CEO of Varjo, explains the initial challenge of designers not viewing the designs appropriately. With the help of VR, the users can walk around the cars, just like a real one. Because of high quality, various designers are experimenting on upholstery and other aesthetic aspects.

Eye-tracking technology

The process of designing a car or airplane is a tedious process. It involves numerous iterations, wind-tunnel testing, physical models, as well as a lot of money. With the help of high-quality VR, several of these steps help in cutting costs as a result. Owing to newcomers like Varjo and Pimax, other established leaders like HTC and HP are facing competition.

VR helping in analyzing faults in machinery remotely

VR is helping in creating “digital twin” of various industrial equipment, like engines for automobiles. It works for designers as well as customers. The power of visualizing before developing or purchasing anything is immense.


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