Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy V/s Honda Civic Type R

The Type R is one of the best and preferred- car in the C-segment hatchback in the market since launch. However, Renault’s new Megane Trophy might change that with its features and looks.

Industry experts feel that the latest Renault Sport Megane would be the best-driving car in the class.

Feature comparison of Honda – Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy Vs Honda Civic Type R

The Type R is matured immensely (well, looks aside) in comparison to the FK2, the Megane has held to a similar formula. For example, buyers still need to work and decide on the dampers on configurators and pressing a button on the dashboard. Pick one from sport or chassis or just the trophy.  The difference in the setup of a cup is larger and hence turning the RS and might just be the best and uncompromising hot hatch in the market.

Drivers have to deal with chassis stiffness and also steering which is often grabby. The rear wheel is an intriguing sensation that gives a little push during the hard cornering. Though it is highly effective and it increases stability when used in all four wheels.

The RS 300, keeps you busy in a good way, especially as the powertrain is now up. The 1.8-liter engine is eager and not laggy and is likely to excite the driver while driving. The 296bhp unit boosts a pickup of 0-62mph in just 5.7 seconds –which actually is similar to the Type R. It runs out at a speed of 162mph, which is 7mph shy of the Honda.

In comparison to the Civic, it is difficult to identify the car that is presentable from the front and Honda is expected to lead. The turns are sharp and confident contains traction levels. The damping is an adaptive setup and resists the lean standard fit of Trophy. The dual-axis strut which is fancy and has font suspension layout just kills the torque steer.

Post the muscular noise made by Renault’s engine and its specific firing squad-spec exhaust, the Honda’s engine is disappointing. In spite of it doing everything and emitting a zingy ding at the speed of 7000rpm redline. While moving it feels quicker than the suggested output. Shifting the car is easy, though RS is stiff and notchy, the type R allows you to slide between each cog swiftly with a simple movement. The gear know is better and is not a foul, bulky piece of plastic. Honda has a good old fashioned aluminum ball that helps you keep warm on a chilly day.

What is extremely interesting is the fact, when the cars are parked next to each other they have different individual personalities. The Type R may appear tamer to the drive but to look at its overpowering and not at all restraining. In terms of Aesthetics Renault is more like it. It works better by informing the world to know about it not being a diesel C-segment. The list of differences in features is a long one, but the real winner here is those looking to buy a hot hatchback. 


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