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Russian icebreakers all set to support the oil & gas industry

Russia is declaring about launching the new crew of atomic icebreakers for consolidating the dominance of commercial traffic in the Arctic. However, the rest of the world is recognizing the change in climate as Russia is working hard for capitalizing it. Hence, the U.S. is appearing to be far behind.

Although, the icebreaker Ural is launching Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg is third & last ship. Whereas the other two Sibir and Arktika is paying their service from 2016 & 2017 and is anticipating to enter the service. However, the powerful ships, proficient of crashing by around 4-meter thick ice for dissipating shipping routes. However, the primary nuclear-powered icebreakers are planning in Russia for collapsing the Soviet Union and build in post-Soviet times. Hence, the current nuclear icebreaker fleet is old and is not functional. Whereas the Russian government focuses on replacing new giant ships for which Russia is calling Northern Sea Route navigable year-round.

However, Northern Sea Route is tracking Russia’s Arctic coastline from the Barents Sea in the west to Bering Strait in the east. Thus, it is cutting cargo delivery in Asia and Europe by comparing the shipping through the Suez Canal. As the Russian government entitles the right for regulating the route, passing through territorial waters.

As Russian persistent that Arctic traffic is requiring the permission of Moscow for being an irritant to U.S. Russia. For the time being it is investing in reopening and opening military bases with the Arctic coast.

Thus, ten empty military airfields are reopening and are being built. Even now, bases are covering the complete coastline and protect or disturb the traffic through the Northern Sea Route.

As the U.S. is oscillating on identifying it as an emergency and currently under President Donald Trump, in disbelief. However, Vladimir Putin, the Russian President is expressing that human activity is making the change in the climate.   

However, Putin’s attitude is that people are doing much to stop the change in climate and adapting it to a long game. Whereas by recognizing the common floods and droughts is coming with climate change hurting Russian agriculture. Hence, it is observing the opportunities coming with warmer climate, comprising the navigable Arctic Ocean.

Although, racing to declare Russian power in the Arctic earlier to climate change is making competition to work for Kremlin. Hence, western countries with access to the Arctic, North American as well as European is slow and not cynical to bet as big as Putin.


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