Safety and creativity merge with the Automotive vision

Toyota Winglet resembles the electric scooter. Wandering around in TRI-AD’s Nihonbashi office, one cannot miss having an eye over the same. It is a personal mobility vehicle in which CEO James Kuffner, spins around the office. 

There were plans to develop vehicles automated and safe technology. Kuffner planned as such along with its innovator’s team of 430 members@ TRI-AD. He is an optimistic, called to be a vision to reality changer. His credentials in robotics and genial and commercial nous is impeccable. As for him, he wants people to drive safe with fun. He believes technology can provide users with the same.

The software used within is one fundamental and the same can be now shipped with lines of codes in million. He wanted the craftsmen to master software and technology with a passion. Only this will thrive towards perfection.

As of today, Toyota is a lion shareholder at TRI-AD. $2.8 billion has been now pledged by the investors for joint venture development. Kuffner wanted the logo of TRI-AD to have a reflection of East and West efforts combined.

In short, Kuffner is a game-changer. He wants the old boring rules to diminish and employees to get satisfaction to work remote. Kuffner wants it to be fun and creativity for at the workplace. He is a true inspiration for innovation. He wants from all some productive lasting advantage.

All Kuffner wants is at an international scale, the vehicles on road with level 2 and 3 of SAE. SAE international scale measures the control level in-vehicle like a human driver. Level 5 as per the scale is highest with 2 and 3 as partial. It requires humans to take action. 

As per Kuffner, the automation is a teammate and not a substitute. Experts got recruited for designing as such the technology can complement the users. He wants a safe drive with automation.

With cases of human error, technology can save this rise in accidents. It will improve safety and comfortableness. He wants a balance between all, with less regulation, more innovation, and safety.

Kuffner seems to be pretty excited about the launch of a new product by TRI-AD. It will be powerful, intelligent, better software upgrades and 360-degree perception. By every means, it will get tried best to be best.


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