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Saudi warplanes strike Yemen rebels after attack on pipeline

Saudi-led alliance of warplanes bombed the rebel targets of Yemen. Drone strikes were done on the main oil pipeline that was instructed by Tehran.

The new bombardment was just after the UN envoy was trying to stop the conflict across the country. The conflict is ongoing for 4 years. Confirmation of the same was given by the defense minister of Saudi. Mentioning that Yemeni rebels are trying to create trouble in the peace efforts.

Across the Saudi-led coalition, which has been fighting the Huthi rebels, establishing warplanes were planning to carry out numerous strikes across the rebel-held territory in Yemen.

Various legitimate military targets used by the rebels to store munitions. The strike on a neighboring region led to the death of 6 people and wounding 10 people.

The rebels mentioned that the attacks on the Saudi pipeline were in response to crimes during its bloody air war in Yemen. The United Nations along with the human rights group has been criticizing the same.

The drone strikes is further raising raised tensions across the region. Especially post mysterious sabotage of various oil tankers. Also, deployment of US of an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers to the Gulf over alleged threats from Iran.

Kuwait National Assembly speaker said chances of war is high. The chances are high and are not going as expected said one of the reporters. Adel al-Jubeir, state minister of Saudi foreign affairs, spoke indicating that the Huthis are sacrificing the need of the locals of Yemen for the benefit of Iran.
Saudi Arabia and its associates interfered in Yemen when the President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, ran Saudi exile. This was when the rebels were closing on his last location of refuge in Yemen’s second city.


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