SIAM to implement a practical approach for EV adoption without disrupting the automotive industry

Indian Automobile Manufacturers Society is publishing a statement regarding EV’s. It states that the government needs to adopt EV’s but, without affecting the automotive industry.

CEO Amitabh Kant of NITI Ayog is stating that roll out electric vehicles will be in a phased manner. Whereby it has been confirming that all 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers below 150cc necessitates it getting converted into the electric vehicle by 2023 & 2025 respectively.

NITI Ayog is receiving immense support from the automotive industry. However, ambition is lacking practicality. Furthermore, he also observes that the industry is witnessing multiple challenges.

There is nobody in the country to invest 100 percent in EV’s and bring a change by 2025. Investors and stakeholders need meaningful experience to do this.  

Any strategy implementing now will lead to disruption of induced policy.  This may possibly result in noteworthy damage to the auto industry. Also, spell a huge blow towards the entire ecosystem of related medium, small, & large enterprises.  

What is necessitating a well laid out roadmap for an ambitious EV? It is rolling out over a time frame along with a plan for setting up the necessary infrastructure. All over the length as well as a breadth of the country, in discussion with all shareholders.

In 2019, 7 brands of Indian origin, two from South Korea, 5 from US, and 1 each from UK & Canada made it to the top list. 


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