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Spirit AeroSystems gets the approval of a 6-year contract with SPEEA

The agreement which received the concern for negotiation is now approved. It started a year before the contract between SPEEA or the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace with the Spirit AeroSystems reached the expiring date. It has now been finally approved for a more 6-year contract. All the technical and the professional staff, of around 1620 in number, representing the SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001, overjoyed with the increased opportunity.

This contract received the consent of the union members in the majority (384 for and 89 against). It was at the WTPU (Wichita Technical and Professional Unit) on Tuesday, December 10th.

As per the Director of SPEEA B.J. Moore, feels that this early opportunity to negotiate was better. It would not have been good to wait and get pushed around working on deadlines.

As per the contract formed in new (remains in effect through 31st January 2026) will have some changes. There will be an increase in Overtime pay. There will be a Signing bonus of $2000. No restriction over the stock valuing to around $1500will be there. Medical plans have also been on agreed terms with employees for a change.

Either way, all are getting their share. There is some good coming with the new contract on the line. It was what the Negotiation Team Chair Mark Gayer of SPEEA WTPU feels.

The negotiating team and the Bargaining Unit council worked together. They got the negotiated agreement accepted all over with unanimous approval.

The negations had a formal start on November 6th, 2019. It was with the SPEEA wherein which received from Spirit, a complete offer at Wichita office. There was also a further meeting held with the members. The contract offer got questioned for its viability of therein. It’s said that the contract is an over-all beneficial part for all.


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