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Surprisingly UAE emerges up for buying KC-46A Pegasus via a formal request

The UAE has arisen as an astonishment customer for the purchase of KC-46A Pegasus. They have issued a formal request towards buying the tanker aircraft, as per the producer Boeing.

Talking to journalists at an event of broadcasting over the sidelines of yearly Shangri-La Dialogue. That is one of the regional security summit held in Singapore. Jeff Shockey, a Boeing’s VP for global sales for space, defense and security, confirms that the Middle Eastern kingdom has given out a letter of appeal for 3 tankers.

Now, the United Arab Emirates lines the list of possible markets for the KC-46A. Along with the other intent parties like Israel, Qatar, Indonesia, Norway and NATO.

Japan has by this time linked the Air Force of the United States while selecting the KC-46. That also with a request for 4 aircraft sanctioned by the Department of U.S. State in 2016. Moreover, they were already having two 2 aircraft ever since been contracted via a program of Foreign Military Sales.

The request by UAE for buying the KC-46A has come out as a surprise. Because it presently already functions nearly 3 Airbus A330 multirole tanker carriages. Also, it presently controls approx. 150 Lockheed Martin F-16E/F Fighting Falcon as well as fighter jets like French-built Dassault Mirage 2000.

Things are still uncertain about the competitive tender of UAE. Since it is already holding additional tankers. Airbus talking about Defense News towards the customer as soon as asked regarding the European manufacturer’s interest received from the UAE in terms of added tankers.  


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