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Thailand’s Aspiring Plan for Aerospace Dominance

The Thailand government believes that it can be a successful place for the aerospace industry. However, capitalizing in the Asia-Pacific and the growth in aircraft and air travel expect in the region.  Integrating aggressive corporate tax with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the country offers a promising structure for aircraft maintenance services. And also tier 2 to tier 4 manufacturers.

However, Thailand is directly in the mid of 4.5 billion people in the growing Asia-Pacific aviation market. Other markets include India, Japan, and China, and Malaysia to the southeast.

Beyond geography, the country claims what it calls “best-cost” labor. It is a balance between low-salary workers and highly educated people who are ideal for business.

One local aerospace supervisory cited a $6/h wage for skill entry-level employees than $30-50/hr in the emerged world.

Thailand also held electronic and automotive manufacturing for many years. However, around 30 aerospace companies recently are headquartered there.  

The Thailand government has the strongest plans to create its “Eastern Economic Corridor.” However, EEC is an area that is just east of Bangkok and it is home to several industrial centers, both new and old.

Thailand-Owned Aerospace Manufacturing

In March, CCS Advance Tech became the first domestic company in the country to be a Boeing-approved supplier. It completing the company’s audit in 3 special processes: fluorescent penetrant inspection, chromic acid anodizing, and magnetic particle inspection.

It was one of the proud moments for small Thai manufacturing companies. However, far from the “first” achieve by CSS. It was the first Thai-own company approve certification in 2005. Also, in 2009, it became the first to accept international manufacturing accreditations in the huge number of special processes. However, in 2014, CSS won an aerospace contract for US$50 million, assemblies and supplying parts for Airbus, Boeing, and aircraft. During 2012 and 2016, the CSS aerospace division raises its revenue by 400%. 


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