Volkswagen to Start New Golf Output in its 3rd Quarter

The leading manufacturing company Volkswagen currently plans to start series production of the 8th generation Golf in it’s of the 3rd quarter. The latest reiteration of Europe’s top-selling car is planning to present in October.

The company initially planned to present the Golf at the Frankfurt auto show this September. The plan is changing to focus the limelight at Frankfurt on the public premiere of the full-electric compact hatchback ID. It is the first version of Volkswagen’s ID family with battery-driven vehicles.

Volkswagen will provide the function to unlock the car through a smartphone that utilizes a digital key. This unique function is to hook up near around 10 vehicle subsystems.

A senior executive of the carmaker said that the infotainment and navigational system has between 10-20 million lines of code. 

Some features of Golf 8 include LED headlights, lane-keeping assist, fully digital cockpit, and multifunctional steering wheel. It also offers “Volkswagen We” apps which can integrate using an Ethernet connection to transfer data quickly.

The new Golf will able to talk to other cars & intelligent transportation infrastructure.  Car engineers are currently working the software issues out of the system at the time of testing of pre-production series.

If there is any bug in the system, a ticket is open up and workers initiate by localizing which system is causing the problem. There are dozens of ECUs in the car.

If they cannot hit the problem, the provider of the component makes contact to recognize where the bug has arisen. To make sure all the bugs are fixed, a ticket cannot be locked by anyone other than the person who unlocked it. 


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